Keith was here

Oh, yes, there will be gaming.  The menfolks spent a happy couple of hours blasting away at whateverthehell kinda critters there are in Condemned II: Bloodshot and there was also Halo 3.  Keith produced four chocolate croissants, the mac and cheese was reduced in volume, and then we watched The Mummy – which was great fun, there are a couple of really funny scenes in it and the effects were pretty damned good.

It’s thundering and lightning here, which is quite unusual.  What is more unusual is that it is continuining.  Normally we get one big clap and then nothing, but it has been grumbling for about three quarters of an hour now.  Over to the east it’s quite grim and dark.

Whoa!  A huge flash, but it took 18 seconds for the sound to get here, so that was a fair piece away.  I love this kitchen.  I think when I own my own home again, I’m going to have a breakfast nook….