Funny pic, c/o Robof9

Sign from the 145 bus

So…. Save the upass.  Renew the Sub.  Sounds like a kink workshop, methinks?  I had no idea being a UBC student was so…. cool!

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4 thoughts on “Funny pic, c/o Robof9”

  1. Jim has to explain all sex jokes to me, I never get them. I would love to be a university student again. I like the classes and always learning new things.

  2. Honestly, there are times when you sound so much like my mother that I must stand back in awe…. I remember one time – I don’t remember the joke – but somebody said something risque and my mother automatically turned to my father. He waggled his eyebrows at her and she cracked up. I have no idea if she got it or not, but it sure was funny to watch.

  3. Well I’m glad I’m not alone in the world. I read your post, looked at the poster again and I suddenly got it. Now I can’t believe I didn’t get it.

  4. I had a similar incident and I also don’t recall the joke, but somewhere in the joke the word U-turn was embedded. Jenn couldn’t believe I didn’t know what that meant and asked Jim “She’s kidding right?”. Jim answered her “I assure you that that is not the case, I will explain it to your mother later.” That’s how I finally figured out the joke. If I assume U-Pass = U-Turn then what does Sub mean? … but it took 24 hours and by now (if we were in a room) everyone involved in the joke would no longer be there.

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