So I get off the bus and walk down the hill

And the first thing I see is some flags.  The building I used to live in is out of the picture on the left.


And then I see this really bizarre railing.  There’s something… wrong…. about it.  I guess those rounded metal prongs are there for a reason, but what???


I keep walking down the hill. Blechhhh.  Who’s been throwing crap in the fountain?


Damn, I just noticed my battery is REALLY low.  More later.


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4 thoughts on “So I get off the bus and walk down the hill”

  1. To keep skateboarders off! I have to say I don’t understand the hate on for boarders displayed in so much “street furniture” design. It’s like the transit benches designed to keep people from sleeping on them.

  2. I actually knew that, but I was kinda heading into Cylon sex toy territory….

  3. … and all I was thinking was so someone can go up or down the stairs on both sides and still have a rail to hold onto.

  4. Yes, that’s what they are there for. Forgive me my perpetually juvenile approach to life….

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