Walk at SFU

ScaryClown, who is an extremely cultured individual while being one of the rudest and most emotionally malformed individuals I’ve ever met, is a good person to walk in the woods with.  The walks in the woods close to work which we take at lunch are an endless education, as he (and Patricia to an extent) points out plants and critters.  The wiggly things in the pond earlier in the week turned out to be young salamanders – a. gracile as a best guess (thanks Patricia).  We risked soakers and falling ass deep into murky water to have a look at them.  Photos weren’t possible as the reflections were too much, according to Robof9.  The four of us were shouting and pointing like we are all much younger – and the youngest among is is 37, for cry eye.  Okay, I miscall it… all of us but Robof9, who is a very dignified individual, when he isn’t making dreadful puns.

Jeff and I just mopped up waffles and bacon and are getting going on the day.

As soon as the homily’s done and delivered, I’ll be back with more…..

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  1. I pushed on the picture of the a. gracile and scrolled 3/4 of the way down the screen to see “Holy Jumping Lizards”. Looking forward to your listening to your latest homily.

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