We are waiting for the Phoenix!

We have been whiling away the hours until we get word of the safe – or not – landing of the Phoenix on Mars by doing laundry, drilling holes in things (I finally got the other anchor for a guitar strap drilled into the Seagull – I only bought the hardware 8 months ago and Jeff got the kitchen phone attached to the wall), getting Keith caught up on Battlestar Galactica, going for a brief walk in the gorgeous summer-style afternoon, and taking the occasional crack at finishing the homily.  I also unpacked two more boxes.  Can you spell displacement behaviour?

Gizmo has no opinion except “Sun good”.

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Born when atmospheric carbon was 316 PPM. Settled on MST country since 1997. Parent, grandparent.

4 thoughts on “We are waiting for the Phoenix!”

  1. You’re cats are adorable. Gizmo looks just like the one cat that I had in my teens. There were 10 in total, but Herbietta was mine — now I’m wondering if I was a geek giving her a name like that!

  2. We are SO HAPPY that the Great Galactic Ghoul took a day off and didn’t eat the Phoenix. I knew to the minute when it was supposed to land but I did NOT look for a live report, thinking that if I didn’t pay attention the GGG wouldn’t either, and it worked! (Thus are superstitions born!) Thank you for your call with the news. Now we will watch EVERYTHING about it.

    Why am I saying “it?” Why don’t space probes have genders? I think Sojourner did because of her namesake – but what about the others?

  3. Hey Debbie, I think Herbietta is an adorable name for a cat. After the love bug?

  4. You’re sharp!! I think you’re right. She was named after the Love Bug, but being female I changed the name to Herbietta.

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