Huff continuum, Meadow calls, phone calls

I did a massive laundry last weekend, but I didn’t do laundry this weekend, because I was feeling lazy, and because I fell into the Huff continuum.  What a great show!  The scripts and situations are amazing, the acting convincing, and I think I have a crush on Oliver Platt.  I mean Hank Azaria is cool upon cool, but it’s Oliver I enjoy watching the most.  He’s just SO over the top.  When two little (as in very very short, not young) hookers turn up to assist a character (a sitcom star played by Bob Saget, can you picture it?) the expressions that cross his face as he tells them (in effect) “Your client isn’t here, can I help you?” deserve Emmys.

Meadow wandered into the house again only this time she went straight for the bowls.  I have pix, but not high quality ones – and here’s one.  She really really likes Jeff!  I have a great picture of Jeff petting her after absentmindedly putting a waffle in his mouth to free his hands- she’s eyeing the waffle hopefully – but I’m going to email it to Jeff and see if he wants to post it.  I wish nothing to impede the current flow of domestic tranquillity…..

Keith here yesterday; I spoke to Katie on the phone; all’s well with the world, except she’s really angry and doesn’t know what to do about it (this represents an improvement over previous emotional palettes in similar sitches).  Oh, and I spoke to my old friend Liz, not likely previously mentioned in this blog, and she and her brood are doing fine.  She and Andy are alone in the house… the youngest, 17, and as she puts it, in the full flower of his young louthood (she quickly said this was a quote from Lawrence Sanders as I fell about laughing when these words passed her lips) is in Calgary with his older brother and the girlchild is off west as well.  Needless to say she has the back of her hand pressed firmly to her forehead at this family tradegy.  Oh, and I spoke to my ex-mother-in-common-law yesterday and she’s well too.  Just because things have changed doesn’t mean I shouldn’t call her once in a while, and she made my heart burst with pride when she mentioned Keith had phoned her to thank her for the birthday gift.

Isn’t she adorable?  If I could adopt her I would do it in a heartbeat, the cats are practically adjusted to her already.

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3 thoughts on “Huff continuum, Meadow calls, phone calls”

  1. Perhaps an open offer to the owners of the little dog would be helpful … you’re little dog would always be welcome here if, if, if (eg. new place doesn’t allow pets).

  2. As much as I’d like that I think we’ve reached our load limit for companion animals. If you take looking after an animal seriously, it’s an expensive and time intensive occupation – especially as the first thing we’d have to do is get her off to obedience school. And I don’t think Jeff and I want to go near the owners voluntarily for any reason given the unpleasantness of previous interactions……… heavy sigh.

  3. Yes, dogs are different than cats
    Obedience school is for owners mostly. One does not send a dog to school (lunchbox from eBay

    Cutie to be sure, and possibly tractable.

    Scooter came from the kind of home you allude to, She turned out pretty good…

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