8 thoughts on “ScaryClown goes camping/Oobleck”

  1. What device are you holding in your right hand? Whatever it is, I’ve never seen one before.

  2. I have been inside 3 adult entertainment shops in my whole life (once only) and I have actually never heard of this product although mostly I was trying not to look and was embarassed to tears waiting for my friend to hurry up and so I could get the hell out before anyone sees me!! You can laugh is you like, I am.

  3. Adult entertainment shops suck, as a general rule. Fortunately we have Womynsware here in Vancouver, on the Drive. It’s really an awesome place, and not the kind of store you feel ashamed to be seen in. Anyway, that’s where I got the vibrator. And if I wasn’t single, I prob’ly wouldn’t have bought it, so that’s why I’m speechless with envy.

    I hate the guys at work. I found out there’s a vibration table here, someplace – for testing – and when I got ooblecky thoughts they wouldn’t share where it was located and said they wouldn’t help me clean up the mess. Bastards. Then one of them said I would just use it for, uh, impious uses, let alone oobleck. Damn them! Damn them all! Actually, not, but you know what I mean.

  4. There is a shop for women in Ottawa called Venus Envy. I think my daughter told me about it. You don’t need to envy me too much (you will recall an e-mail I recently sent you).

  5. I do recall – but you have a partner. The blessings don’t always count themselves.

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