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Tammy’s got a chronic ailment.  She’s in research mode because that’s what she does when she gets bad news, but the thing that made me cry after I got off the phone was that her big thing was that it not affect our trip to France.  Her health is so much more important than the trip…

Crashed early again last night.  Saw a guinea pig and a puppy in Brentwood Town Centre Station last night.  I’ve seen more critters there than in most zoos. Bought veggies and made tuna salad for supper – too hot for anything else.  I THINK I MIGHT BE WINNING against the dreaded video editing issue.  It says it’s going to take 1400 minutes to convert the file, but that might just be blowing smoke into my eye.  Anyway, I have 15 hours of family video – at least – to boil down, like I NEEDED another fracking project.  Spoke briefly to Katie last night.  Picked huckleberries and – get this – saskatoon berries yesterday at lunch (me, Trevor, Patricia, ScaryClown and Robof9) as well as grabbing salmonberries on the way by.  Watched the video Patricia took of the raccoons in Stanley Park – cute.  Anyway, let’s see if I can load the damned file once the import into iMovie is done.  1400 minutes?!  Zow. I am beginning to see how Loki might have been spending his time when he first converted the files from tape to VOB!

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  1. Yep, each 2 hour tape that i convert to dvd takes about 15 hours. I don’t have to be at the computer the whole time, but some of the processes obviously take a lot of computer time, which ties up the computer. I have just finished converting to dvd 51 hours of tape of our last trip to england. On and off it took me about 3 months. Man, i am a lousy cameraman.

  2. You think YOU’RE lousy. I suck bus station restroom mops. There’s a reason professional use tripods.

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