Family supper

It was so hot here yesterday that after an hour at the back clinic in the lovely air conditioning I thought I was going to melt when I went outside. Fortunately I didn’t have to go home on the bus; Katie and Paul texted me and invited me for dinner.  I picked up some Cutthroat and a singleton tequila cooler for Katie (there’s never anything she wants to drink in the fridge at her dad’s (or here either)). They cooked me pork chomps, fresh organic swiss chard (O my GOD it was good), tater salad, caesar salad, rice and gravy and there was fresh fruit and yogurt for dessert but I was too full at that point.  It was entirely yummy and flavoured with that “I didn’t cook it” sauce that makes everything taste so good.

I have not so great news; business is slow at the eyecare place so Keith’s hours have been cut back to zero.  Now he faces the choice of looking hard for another job in the field which he might not get or asking Superstore for more hours.

Came home and really I should have put the air conditioner on but I popped open both doors and got some – not a lot, but some – air going through here.

Look at the time.  Urk.  Must run.

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