Isn’t he a beaut?

Tom McMurray took the picture yesterday.  I saw the coyote this morning. Look at those golden eyes!


Also saw a garter snake this morning – he was at least 45 cm.

With daysigns like that my day was awesome, as you can imagine.  I light a candle for Cris, who’s leaving the department, and who gave the funniest going away speech – and tersest – I’ve ever heard.  I won’t repeat it because I’m planning to steal it at some point but I will say it took about ninety seconds to restore order after he finished talking.  Anyway, I’m feeling much better, and I’ve decided to buck up, be an adult, blah blah blah.  The twinkle hasn’t gone out of my eye.

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2 thoughts on “Isn’t he a beaut?”

  1. Superb portrait of one of nature’s adaptable survivors. “He” might be “she” unless you saw evidence to the contrary when the lovely creature appeared before you i the flesh… I have the impression of this being a young female, and since I recently identified a Luna moth from the fifth instar larval form, I am pretty puffed up at the moment about my nature skills.
    Check it out at

    Saskatchewan had more to offer than just relatives; it added caterpillars and sunsets to the mix.

    And I had never seen one before! The caterpillar was the length and breadth of my thumb.

  2. I’ve seen an Io moth instar at Red Deer. Stunning. Okay, she’s a girl. Maybe that’s why she was flirting with Tom.

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