Off to the mall

How come I didn’t know Helen Mirren was in Excalibur?  Anyway, I love that movie, irredeemably cheesy as it is, and Jeff and I watched the first two thirds last night.  We also watched a boatload of NCIS.  I have a crush on Mark Harmon that is so immense I’m actually fantasizing about him.  Next three sentences I backspaced over, and aren’t we all glad about that.

I’m off to the mall with Katie.  I need to buy a dress to wear to a wedding, two wedding gifts, and my eyes hurt from not seeing my darling daughter recently enough.

I cooked a mushroom omelette with red pepper and onions and garlic and cheese and other good things this morning, along with toast and bacon.  I was wanting a change from waffles.  Jeff said, “I’m stuffed,” after getting through most of what I served him, and I said, “Sorry.”  And he laughed at me.  Yup, that was me, tying him to a chair and forcefeeding him.  I realized how ridiculous I sound….

Mandolin lessons start September 10th.  I should probably take a single BCIT course as well – to meet people, to keep my brain awake – I just don’t know what.  What course will allow me to release the giant within?  Or is that just gas?

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