5 thoughts on “Olympic fun”

  1. One of the many things on this earth to which I had not given a thought, but now that I have, is ligical and understandable…

  2. Ligical? Logically litigious? Logistically licit?

    Anyway, last night I said to Keith that I’d renamed the Olympics. They are now the “Global Celebration of Reproductive Fitness”. He gave two thumbs up and said, stick it in the blog, and after that lovely article about no holes barred fun at the Olympic Village, I’m feeling smugger than ever.

  3. For the explanation of “ligical,” try “typographical error.” But I like your versions better.

  4. My all time fave typo I saw from the King St. Streetcar in Toronto, in days of yore. Mine too, but also yore. “Neckless / $2”.

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