Quiet evening

Paul brought some more of that awesome chard, leftover pork roast (yum!) and a very nice cuke from the downstairs neighbour’s garden.  We all had ourselves a little feast and watched some NCIS (he was not previously familiar with it but fortunately the story arc is such that you can watch single episodes without getting lost).  Must tell Paul to stop filling the dishwasher.

Shame about Stargate Atlantis getting cancelled, but it had a good run and there will be movies.

Keith said, “We shoulda talked about story ideas!” but the call of the computer, now that Jeff’s got the big screen set up for multiplayer gaming, was TOO much for him.  I know exactly what he means, I still haven’t finished the laundry although I did do the bog.  Oh, and you can see the floor in my bedroom, how outré is that?  I thought Keith was going to vibrate a filling loose when he asked me where his Alan Moore comic was and I said, “I think it’s in my bed.”  Then I pulled it loose from the bedding and it was in perfect condition.  Okay, I’m sick, I sleep with comic books.

I’ve got about two minutes to get clean and get dressed and get out the door. More later….

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  1. There is an NCIS “extra” in the middle of Season Four wherein the folks are in a restaurant responding to questions from viewers. Like, who of the other characters would you like to be. Ziva wanted to be Abby – but ONLY for the wardrobe. Jenny wanted to be McGee, and so on. It was a delight. I am DEFINITELY a Giblet.

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