Love and loss

I’d like to light a candle for mOm.  She’s lost a lot of relatives, mostly to cancer, in the last little while.  That and the fall will tend to make you thoughtful, and sad.

Here’s another candle for my cousin Marianne.  I never met her, I only met her brother Rawd, but he was a sweetie, and Marianne was less than ten years older than me when she died.  She was also a really good person…. a mensch.  I’m going to ask mOm for permission to repost her obit.

Here’s one last candle to all those whose love has become loss.

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2 thoughts on “Love and loss”

  1. You have my blessing to post the obit I wrote for Marianne and posted on Marianne was 57.

  2. yeah, I was going to ask you about that.

    Hey, my mando teacher is a Mennonite. Just learned that last night.

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