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Ten Signs of Transphobia in Our Culture, by Christopher A. Shelley


  1. Denial that the problem exists in the first place. 


  2. Inability to distinguish between categories such as queer, gay, lesbian, and trans. 


  3. Lack of meaningful discussion in educational and workplace settings. 


  4. Anxiety over not being able to tell if a person is male or female. 


  5. Crude jokes directed towards trans people or with trans-related content. 


  6. Refusal to accept trans people as one’s own teacher, doctor, politician, dentist, etc. 


  7. Thinking that being trans is OK but also dismissing the idea of ever dating a transperson. 


  8. Reducing trans to being merely and solely a psychiatric category. 


  9. Trivialization and media spectacles centred on trans-ness as an object of ‘fascination.’ 


  10. Refusing the fundamental claims of transpeople as being genuinely mis-sexed.


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4 thoughts on “Transphobia”

  1. In my continuing efforts to rid myself of unnecessary prejudice (in other words, to ensure that my prejudices are based on facts and their merit, rather than my unexamined assumptions), I must admit to guilt on #4, #5, & #7. The first question you ask when a child is born…. it goes pretty deep, folks.

  2. The biggest disappointment is the level of trans-phobia in the gay & lesbian community. The only thing it’s done is take the edge of the bi-phobia in the community.

    As my roomie says, “When I came out to my parents as trans, suddenly they were a lot more accepting of my decision to be a vegetarian.”

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