Okay, now that Jeff’s watched the last of the True Bloods for this season, I can ask the following questions of an uncaring universe.

What the hell is Sookie going to do when she meets Jessica (world’s most annoying teenaged vampire and made by Bill)?

What the hell is Bill going to do when Sookie finds out about Jessica (he already said sorry, but Sookie didn’t know what for…)?

Is that Lafayette’s corpse or unconscious body?  If his corpse, is it possible that he might be made and now be a vampire?  Who killed him if he’s dead?

If it isn’t Lafayette, is that Tara’s mum’s body and we’ve been faked out?  I doubt it because the writers pretty much play fair with the audience.

What kind of magickal creature is Maryann, where does she know Sam Merlotte from, why isn’t he warning Tara?  If she’s not a shifter, is she some kind of Celtic minor deity?  The pig is amazing, by the way.

Why the hell did Sam clean out his safe?  Where’s he going with the money, and why?  What other properties does he own in Bon Temps, and why? 

Anybody else find it kinda creepy that Sookie turned Bill over to face the daylight and Sam had to haul him inside (after getting his ribs kicked in!) so Bill didn’t fry?  We know that Sam’s a dog and therefore a loyal kinda guy, but this is taking self-sacrifice to interesting extremes.


What the hell is Jason Stackhouse doing in a church? Nothing good can come of this.

What plot twists is Terry Bellefleur being saved for?  He becomes increasingly important over the last two episodes, and has the single best line. “I don’t listen to politics anymore, I get a seizure.”

Is Detective Bellefleur going to smarten up?

Is Tara being hypnotized by Maryann?  Is Eggs an aspect of Maryann?  He sure talks like her!

Is Maryann more than one person at the same time? 

Was the pie eating dude not one of the greatest bit characters in the show so far? 

Is Mr. Skarsgard not awesome? I like Pam too, she’s SO matter of fact.

Was Amy a skanky and sociopathic ho or just a self-indulgent hippie chick?  We’ll never know, but that final scene was incredibly shot.

Was the guy who plays Jason deliberately cast because he looks like a hot young version of George W. Bush?  The resemblence is pretty funny…

Anybody else notice the one point in the show when the guy who plays Bill completely lost his accent?

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