Good day so far

So I went to Surrey Central, and met up with a very nice man.  He treated me to hot and sour soup and a steamed bun (which was teh awesome) and we walked around and talked a bit, and I anticipate hearing from him soonish. And meeting his dog, who sounds like a sweetie.

It’s not the best part of town even in broad daylight (I wanted to avoid him having to come across that non existent bridge) and as soon as I got off the train there was a guy….. urinating in public, in broad daylight.  Funny thing, the last time I saw a guy urinate in public was at a Skytrain station.  I am glad to be a girl for a lot of reasons, but needing to plan my life so I don’t have to micturate in the full view of people who might not want to watch is definitely one of them.

Then I went to New West and nobody I know there was answering  the phone and Keith wasn’t either.  I went to the Quay but all the stores are closed, so I went back to the new Sally Ann thrift store building and made a killer haul for less than 20 dollars, and then realized GOSH SAKES IT’S COLD. So back home again.  It was beautiful and sunny this morning, but the weather is increasingly overcast and frigid.  Next up a trip to Mike’s for dinner (me cooking) and Jeff and Keith are coming along.  Something tells me we’ll be watching movies and drinking beer tonight….

I should toss those clothes in the laundry.

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