Cooperative play

Jeff picked up an instrument and played Rock Band last night.  Now I will relate to you a story of such …. well, I’ll just tell the story.

The boys (Jeff, Keith and Mike) were crashing through the final chords of Creep by Radiohead and….phhht.  The power went off.

There was no reason for the power to go off.  The inevitable – the inescapable – conclusion was that their playing was of such total awesomeness,  they rent the space time continuum enough to make the fuse go. Is that not amazing?

Apart from my home made cole slaw I didn’t actually do any cooking, Mike did it all.  But steak and chicken and home made french fries?  And cole slaw? That’s a meal.

I attended the baptism of Darwin this morning.  He was angelic.  That’s always nice. I briefly spoke with Unca Barry and Ontie Jackie, as well as the happy parents, but alas my excesses of the night before caught up with me and after I woke myself up snoring during the service I realized I should go home.  Fortunately, an IGA was on the way to the Skytrain, so I could buy yummy snacks, and the Granville cold beer and wine store was awful handy, so I’m now stocked up again for the rest of the day.  This is a good thing, because I’m going to be watching Army of Darkness.

I am thinking that I’d like a steam or soak though.  I don’t know whether I’ll go all the way up to Hastings Steam and Sauna – I’ve never been there stag, which is funny when you think about it – or just to nearest rec center, which would definitely be cheaper and closer.  Hell, I may even walk.

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