Katie and I went on a shopping expedition yesterday, and it was a success!  She liked her new camera (her first picture, of me, was the WORST PICTURE EVER TAKEN OF ME and no, I’m not posting it because it makes me look like I’m drinking beer with a face made out of jello (it was tea, actually, but in a beer stein)) and loves her new hat, which has flowers in the pattern so Dax won’t ‘borrow’ it.  It’s a very nice hat, the kind that Gwen Stefani or one of them other stylin’ broads might wear. And I can hear my ancestors bellow “And it should be, for what you paid for it!”  A day with Katie is always fun.

I also picked up for free a replacement feather for Keith’s hat.  I also went to Opus at Granville Island and picked up Sculpey, a clay gun, acrylic paints in zombie heart colours, and then I made this object!  Yes, it needs painting.  I will paint it sometime today.


If your initial reaction is “Blecch!”  Yay me for the win!!!!

Katie’s art work, for which no pic alas, was a beautiful chess piece (a knight).  She’s going to make a chess set eventually.  I’d like to make a chess set too but I have to figure out how I’m going to do it because there’s kind of a technical challenge involved BEYONDS the fact I haz no skills.  I’d like to thank ScaryClown for letting me know about Sculpey.  Clay guns ARE FUN!  I recommend them for insane amounts of stress relief – there are no fewer than 20 discs for the various shapes (which is how I did those veiny things on my Zombie Heart).

Et alors, Biscotti pour Tom.  C’est mon métier!  Then Keith comes over for lunch and then I’m off to the Lunderhaus.

PS it snowed yesterday.  April is NOT the cruellest month.

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