Busy weekend planned

It’s only 9:30 and Jeff and I have already cooked and eaten breakfast and done a small shop; I also put on a batch of biscotti for Tom’s birthday party tomorrow.  At 11 I’m meeting Katie at Granville Station and we’re going to go to Granville Island and putter for a while, including getting her a hat and picking up some Sculpy, because ScaryClown makes awesome stuff with Sculpy and I’d like to try it for fun.  It will likely produce kindergarten quality art, but that’s not really the point.  I’m creatively stuffed up at the moment and I’d like to do something different just to clear things out.  I know what the first thing is that I want to sculpt, and what colour paints I have to buy (yellow, green, red and black – you know, zombie colours).  And of course hanging out with Katie always makes me feel better, she’s so interesting these days. I bought her a camera with matching accessories, isn’t that the picture of an indulgent parent? I found out her camera was broken and I was going to give her mine but I decided I am okay with my camera and got her one instead – with charger, bag and tripod.  Taking pictures is one of Katie’s few creative outlets….

Paul and Keith were over last night. Paul was practically effervescing with the happiness of a night out with the boys earlier in the evening.  It was all guys from church, celebrating Dan T’s birthday at a sushi restaurant.  Paul laughed and shook his head, “There we are, five divorced or separated middle aged guys, eating dinner in a sushi restaurant…”  Then they all gathered around Luc’s iPhone and watched Paul’s new video…. I love how technology brings people together.

I’m not sure what I’m doing this evening – but I’ll be hanging around the house as it is my intention to cook a roast and make some chickpea salad and bake the biscotti and maybe do a freezer batch of Chicken Chow-Le (which is supremely awesome, and I think I have all the ingredients, I’ll have to check).  Also, transferring all my planned activities into my new calendar, writing some letters (including a ripsnorting, degreasing, hi-temp piece of nastiness for the Israeli ambassador), doing laundry, filing, and possibly squeezing a movie in there someplace.  Watched Maxed Out, one of the many documentaries about debt, last night. **** it was depressing.

I tried to get Robof9 to watch True Blood and he just fixed me with his classic dismissive stare and said, coldly, that he had eleven seasons of Top Gear to work through and he wasn’t even considering putting something into the pile until he’d cleared through that.  Then he and the other guys at the lunch table who are into Top Gear started reminiscing about their favourite episodes and I felt quite left out, although I did manage to squeeze off one bit of car porn by mentioning that my favourite car was a Carabo.  pOp will recognize that – it was featured in Automobile Quarterly, which pOp collected for years.  That and the Marlin. I loved that car.  It was so pretty.  Somebody in Vancouver has the same one I did, gold with green interior.

January 25th Darwin is going to be baptized.  Jeff is shaking his head about why atheists would baptize their kid, and I just keep thinking about Henry IV of France. Paris vaut bien une messe, baby.  Although I am sure it’s more complicated than that.  I’m just happy to be invited!

I think I finally have everything I need to work from home, I’ll be checking that later today as well.  It turned out to be ONE simple network access setting. If that’s true, then I promise faithfully to make myself more useful to my employer and actually make up some of the snow-lost time of these past few weeks.

Patricia is in Vegas.  I send her happy thoughts, and I’m sure, sure, sure, she’s having a good time.

Tomorrow Tom’s party and a couple of happy hours making zombie hearts.  Oh, and if anybody reading this likes to play chess, Katie’s learning how and wants to learn some chess fu so she can kick Daxus’ butt in future.  There’s even a site where you can play chess real time with folks from all over the world.

I backed up all my Livejournal postings and found songs I couldn’t remember having written.  That was on one hand supremely cool, and on the other, terrifying.  I feel like a dinosaur whose heavy tail (bad memory) erases all the nice tracks (my ‘art’).  Jeff scolds me pretty consistently about how disorganized I am, but my experience of my disorganization is that I always manage to get stuff done, and I keep being surprised in a nice way.  It just doesn’t trigger anxiety in me the way it does in some people.  Mind you, Jeff can get a lot more done in a day than I can when he puts his back into it. I just float through life, la la la.

Booked the hotel room for Conflikt II, confirmed the ride with the folks, re-arranged my days off and changed the work calendar appropriately.

My evil plans to convert Eddie into a lap cat are going well.  Gizmo’s a write-off, but I still have hopes for the Edgarmeister.

Must fly, have to meet Katie now!

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