v. nice weekend

Dinner for Tom’s birthday last night was glorious; it was so good to see everybody and share a meal.  I must really try to be more hospitable myself – it’s good to feed people.

I wrote the letter to the Israeli embassador and forwarded it to a couple of people for comments and edits, and will post once it’s back from them.  Me not happy about Gaza.

I watched, in its entirety (I couldn’t sleep, woke up at 2, so it’s good I went to bed so early!) a documentary about demographic winter. It was paid for by a bunch of fundies, but I have learned that one should study one’s enemies.  I am still processing what I learned and may share my thoughts later.

Ha, I didn’t do laundry.  Tonight I must do laundry or it’s going to be harsh strong bad at work…

I did my first working from home this weekend.

I did a lot of cooking.

I saw Keith and Kate, and watched feetsball with Jeff a bit.

And, of course, Sculpey.  I feel rested and refreshed and ready for work.

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