Back from the Partay

Jeff and I are just back from collecting the Mr. Two from Dundas Street, where it was parked overnight after we hung out at Jim’s party.  Keith came along as well.  A substantial chunk of Jim’s old band was there and they backed me up on Buy Me A Beer, which I managed to get through quite creditably considering how impaired I was, and playing it on the ‘wrong’ instrument, being Jim’s acoustic guitar.  Jim also got me singing An Evening of Serious Drinking.  Oh, those hot wings!  and Otto-man was there, big hugs.  First reunion of the Lunch Bunch in about five years.  We’ve had three out of four multiple times, but not four out of four…. Being me, Mike, Tom U and Jerome.

Anyway, it was a fabulous time and Mike drove me, Jerome and Brian C. home as he had spent several hours only drinking pop prior to going home.   Now brunch and then I’m taking Keith to MEC to go parkour shoe shopping.  Grosses Bises everybody!!!

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