Lovely dinner at Lexi and Rob’s

Darwin was adorable, and it was very pleasant to watch Keith interact with him for the first time.  Lexi fed us roast chicken and oven roasted potatoes and salad and asparagus.  Katie sluiced back quite a bit of wine; I managed to hold the line at a single beer.

Today I roasted a beast and fed the boys dinner and watched a bit of Battlestar Galactica and did a shop with Jeff and slept in.  I really took it easy… and there’s lots of yummy leftovers for tomorrow.

I feel very happy and relaxed at the moment.

Oh, and we watched Cat  Ballou with Keith.  That was a riot.

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2 thoughts on “Lovely dinner at Lexi and Rob’s”

  1. Was it Keith’s first time of watching? I have been trying to rank my favourite scenes and I cannot. I’ll just have to say it is one of my favourite movies. Well – maybe the one of garbing for the gunfight –

  2. Yes, it was, and it was made of awesome.

    Never saw a man go through a day so fast
    Stubby Kaye and Nat King Cole
    The costumes!
    I’m not running a dude ranch for misfits and unemployables
    Jeff saying, “Now THAT’s a scream.” Cos, yanno, Jane Fonda can really scream.
    Me watching her do quite a few of her own horsey stunts. But it wasn’t her jumping off the train.
    Say please.
    I won’t inflict myself upon you any further.
    I’m as drunk as a skunk.
    $50 dollars!??? You coulda killed him!

    happy sigh.

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