It just gets better and better

Depending on a number of things I have no control over, I probably won’t be going to Hot Springs Cove this weekend, and may end up in Castlegar instead.  More news as events warrant.

Dentist again today.

Then, helping Katie find work.  It’s good to be able to help her, and she’s feeling rather blah these days.

It was very emotional looking at John’s books.  Keith got the martial arts books, and I got the anarchism books, and Ruth will be looking after figuring out where the rest of them go.  The temptation to cherry pick nearly killed me but Paul fortunately restrained me.

True Blood ep 3 season 2 was AWESOME.  Eric totally kicked ass and Vampire Bill pulled out some angry angsty goodness.  The magical midget doctor from the books was PERFECT.  I mean, absolutely freaking perfect.  And it will be a recurring role, so I am really happy.  It just goes on and on being better and better and I’m really happy about that.

Paul asked “Do you miss work?” and I realized I had not actually thought about work in two or three days.  So either I’m knee deep in a nasty form of denial, or I am really not missing it.   Or I’m just keeping busy and finding other things, like Margot and my freaking teeth and my Unca Dave and the fact I prob’ly won’t knock a damned thing off my bucket list today.

Parm me maam has you seen my bukkit?

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