Mike McG and Paul over for beers n pizza

Still no word from Keith about how his day at work in North Van went.  Rented a van for Saturday.  The cats are loving the back deck.

I am still pretty close to a meltdown, but I feel like I stepped back from the brink. Eviction, John dying, quitting my job, finding a place to live, the memorial service, moving, ongoing drama with Dax and Katie (a… Katie is fine. b…. cops were called.  c…. Katie didn’t call the cops. d… resolution is absent.  e…. undoubtedly more iterations, but the end game is clearer, and Katie is not caving to suicide threats any more) and now this ongoing state of what feels like emotional immobility, like a rancor or resentment caught in amber, a longer commute, living in a pile of boxes, last two weeks of work it’s stacked to the ceiling and not getting better.  Poor Jeff; he dislikes the pile of boxes but he knows exactly where my stress level is and is doing nothing to add to it and much to alleviate it by just being sane.

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3 thoughts on “Mike McG and Paul over for beers n pizza”

  1. Would a visit from the D-man & I (and some help with boxes etc) do anything to improve your ability to deal rationally with your disconcerted precarious emotional situation? (Thank you, Tom Waits.) Darwin is pretty charming these days, and good at the cheering up thing!

  2. I wish you were closer, I would lend you Winnie. She’s good for cuddling, getting some fresh air and is willing to accompany you anywhere you go … all the while attracting attention and providing all her hugs and kisses. She has truly been therapeutic for me.
    Maybe I will take her to SF with me this summer.

  3. Thanks so much. Getting the rest of the crap out of the other apartment unloosed the torpor, at any rate. If I’m still struggling next weekend I may call upon you!

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