tap tap is this thing on?

My server has been up and down like a toilet seat all day.

If you can’t read this, that’s kinda useless.

Tanya had her babby.  Me happy, she healthy, babby good, daddy over moon.

Landpeers are showing interesting and remarkable behaviour.  More when we’re finally shut of this place.

Move Sunday.  Panic panic panic, punctuated by bouts of exhausted anxiety.

Must pack room.

I am so tired and out of sorts.  Paul has very kindly agreed to come and get me so I can take a bunch of my crap home from work, as well as the extra boxes I ordered. I will feed him dinner (precooked by Carrie, yay!).

One of the engineers said at lunch 🙁  “She’s not wearing a bra” of an another person in the caf and instantly I said, “How come you notice on HER and not ME?” which was not the right thing to say.  Or the kind or intelligent thing.   Also I found out that one of my coworkers is a free diver, which after watching the Big Blue was extremely hilarious.  He can hold his breath for 5.5 minutes.  I can hold my breath for 50 seconds.  The world record is over ten minutes.

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  1. Let me know if you need a hand schlepping boxes/miscellaneous items from A to B. defying the laws of physics, my car is actually bigger on the inside than on the outside.

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