I simply did not believe it was possible that there could be an internet timewaster worse than Reddit


I have chatted to a Brit, a Korean school kid, a Swiss metalhead who just got back from Wacken, and about sixteen anonymous wankers.  The Brit was by far the most entertaining.  But the wankers just hang up so that’s okay.  I am currently talking to a 15 year old Brazilian kid.

Errandy day

First get the last of my boxes out of the basement so the carpet cleaner dude can do his thing.

Second get over to Planet Bachelor and feed Kira.

Third get back here to let dude in.

Fourth see birthingway as she’s supposed to drop the bag for the mower off today.  I hope.

Fifth …. I’m thinking it’s finally cool enough to bake.  And Jeff loves him some treats.

And maybe I’ll go pick up the Pretenders tix today.