Cream of condensed Toronto phone book

Circa 1993 – 1994 the following people were in the Toronto Phone Book.  Not all of these names are of real people, but the names were in the book.


Baloney Unlimited

Fuk Wai Motors

Holz-Her Machinery

Hustler Young Men’s Bible Class

Hyde-Whipp Interiors

Iona Presbyterian Church

Lolita Gardens Day Care

Mammon Diamonds

Mr. Wizzie’s Patties

Phuc-Thinh Jewellery

Showers of Blessing Evangelistic Ministry

St James-Bond United Church

The Lube Factory

Tita Lingerie

Tung Tai Bookstore


Wing On Funeral Home

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Kira’s claws were so long that I could hear all 15 of them clicking on the floor.  She put up with me trimming them with a good grace and went back to being cat footed – ie silent – afterwards.  She was very happy to see me.

I ran errands, picking up a steak for myself for lunch and pork chomps for tomorrow’s dinner.  I also got parsley for something resembling tabbouleh and a couple of other items from Joe’s Farm Market.  Jeff requested salad for dinner.

Salt, sand and sunjuice (the day at Wreck)

Mike picked me up around 2:30 – wearing his kilt.  Ten minutes later we were at Suzanne’s; she was waiting downstairs after I called her to come on down, and you should have seen her mile wide grin as she saw Mike’s ride pull up.  They introduced themselves.  We had a gorgeous, rather warm ride in Mike’s Mustang convertible.  We spent about ten minutes gossiping about family members – neither of us being too pleased with the respective number two childer in our families, nuff said, and then dispensed with further whining for the rest of the day. Continue reading Salt, sand and sunjuice (the day at Wreck)