last Jericho of the 15th season

The season closer, which I attended with Paul, Paul’s boon companion Mike J, Keith and Mike, was a barnburnin’, kickass, upsidethehead HOWL of an evening.  Three professional musicians on tour (two of them being the Undesirables, a very amazing Canadian duo who TRANSFIXED the audience and the other being David Ross MacDonald, an Aussie who blinked at us when we wouldn’t sing the chorus of his rubato version of Waltzing Matilda because he wasn’t singing) joined the open stage, and the Galley stayed open long enough to serve beer at the break, may it be blessed among restaurants, and apart from it being ass freezing cold it was a splendid evening.  Banjo! Mandola! Social Justice songs! a song by Stompin’ Tom Connors about the Iron Workers’ Memorial Bridge collapse! Ashokan Farewell played during the jam session by four fiddles (one of whom played with polish and precision by a ten year old boy), one bodhran, one pennywhistle, two guitars and two mandolins! No fewer than two Bob Dylan songs (nobody plays Dylan at Jericho, it’s odd)!

When Fraser Union, the ‘headliner’, finally made it to the stage, one of them remarked that the headliners had already come and gone.  But you don’t go to Jericho thinking you’ll never be upstaged; on any given evening the quality of the musicianship is enough to give you severe pause.

Thanks to Mike J for giving me the musical term rubato and explaining it (he’s a second tenor with Chor Leoni and knows his shizz); thanks to Mike for the lift home; thanks to Paul for lining up for beers for us and loaning me the entrance money because as usual I forgot to get cash.

Bright blessings for the gift of being in that room, where sixty voices, in three and four part harmony, lifted the beams and raised the dust.  I didn’t want to perform that night, and I’m glad I didn’t try!

Going to Ontario… but WHEN?

I know that I’m heading for Ontario and I definitely have to be there for Thanksgiving weekend.  However, I am stuck in town until Thursday at the earliest as I have to be a model for Katie for the practical part of her job interview.  So, woo hoo, I’m getting a hair cut and a streak of purple put in my hair.  Or maybe green.

May I recommend for your viewing pleasure The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires?  It’s a Run Run Shaw / Hammer films coproduction from 1974.  It is one of the most hilariously awful films ever made.  It has Peter Cushing as Van Helsing.  Watch it and laugh your ass off.

Not much to report….

Paul had a lovely time in Ontario and picked up, oddly, placemats for us.  We now have matching placemats for as many people as we would ever feed, which is really cool in a 1950’s kinda way.  Going retro…

Jeff went to a Vancouver Giants hockey game last night. When he got here Keith and I were still up so we watched the Castle season opener.

My eyes are trashed – I wore my contacts for about 4 hours yesterday and now I feel like I’m hungover, they are so gritty and sore.  Keith says I should start out at two hours and gradually increment.

Your morning cute. This is an a to z animal – ass to zebra.

plotting und planning

Spoke to Vampire Family matriarch Jan this morning, also ex-mom-in-common-law Phyllis, also Paul Mills to get the lyrics for “Willie was a loner”, left a message for Chipper, texted Colin, spoke to Keith about him starting to pay for his phone, and otherwise started getting in the swing of things for the trip east.

happy happy thoughts.

Now I have to pick out one song and do it before folks start coming over this afternoon.

Freshly written down

But more than ten years old.  Now, in all it’s disgusterpating glory, is one of the songs I am very very proudest of.  Company dump.  I wrote this for a coworker named Jamie with whom I worked at SR Telecom in Montréal.

Company Dump midi.  Sprightly, ain’t it?

Company Dump pdf of sheet music.  Mit Lyrics.

PLEASE PLEASE WIDELY REPOST THIS.  I want this to be the unofficial anthem of the Canadian Working Stiff by Christmas.

Anybody who wants to sing this  – even at a paying gig – doesn’t owe me a dime.  If you want to record it (a likely story) please talk to me; the moral right of my ownership is thus asserted.

In my wildest dreams, a ludicrously talented art school student decides to turn this song into a three minute video… I suspect it could be very, very amusing.

Ethical issues

Man uses snake to ward off seizures.

1.  Does this man have the right to use a service animal that will scare the shit out of a substantial fraction of the travelling public?  Somebody coming on him unawares might have a panic attack and collapse.  I was unable to find stats on ophidiophobia, but I personally know or knew three people who were very fearful of snakes, and I went to high school with a guy for whom a PICTURE of a snake triggered a panic attack.  Does his right to any lawful treatment for his medical condition include the potential for serious emotional damage to other people?

2.  How is a service animal currently defined – per jurisdiction – who gets to decide what a service animal can be?

3.  Is it possible this guy is making the whole thing up, and that the snake is not actually feeling the onset of a seizure?  I bet no.

4.  Has he inadvertently stumbled on a nice research study?

5.  If the snake can detect seizures, what is the snake detecting?