Like a complete unknown

Bob Dylan finds out that he should carry ID.

Last night we saw Sarah off, we being me and Paul, since we go very far back with those folks.

All I can say is that we had a hell of a good time and I didn’t hit the sack until 10:45 – which given I told Paul we’d be out of there by 8 pm is pretty funny.

Also, I talked to a former coworker and mentioned I’d be looking for work in 8 months or so and he told me to look him up then… I suspect looking for work will be interesting, but not difficult.

I’m going to try out the panniers today…. in about ten minutes I’m going to hop on the bike and go shlepping.  And taking back movies, etc., to the library.

Jeff’s off in Courtenay and I miss him… cats are unsettled and the house seems just that tad too quiet.