I’m allegras on twitter, not that anybody reading this should care, and it gives me access to the following:

Bruce Sterling’s thoughts on technology and various cool conferences (when the f*** does he find time to write??)

Ashton Kutcher’s thoughts on a wide variety of subjects, most of which I find amusing.  His tweetblock on his stepdaughter’s high school grad was one of the funniest things I read this year.  He also tweets about serious stuff and spends way more time touting other people’s stuff than his own.

Neil Gaiman’s sweet natured running commentary on his rather busy life.

Local news outbreaks; Eddie Izzard documenting his entirely insane marathon runs through the UK; links to Tyee articles of interest; finding out the new Dawkins book drops September 22 from PZ Meyers; and loads of other interesting and bizarre stuff.

I don’t really tweet all that much, but I’m always entertained when I see what various people are up to.

I call this one “The Triumph of Enthusiasm over Knowledge”

Moose, like teenagers and occasionally older people, are not necessarily wise when gripped by hormones.

This pic is all over the web.  In one rendition, it has been transformed into a poster marked “Statutory Rape…. you’re doing it wrong.”

Let us all take this picture as a somber lesson that our senses … and our hopes … may deceive us.


I really feel for the moose.  Springloaded for an amorous encounter, is he not an icon of every human being, mostly guys, but whatever, who wasted some time over an image rather than a receptive female?  If I ever open a shelter for over-enthusiastic practitioners of self-abuse, this will be the image over the lintel.