Cleaning and cooking and godlessness

Yesterday I ran the dishwasher, washed the kitchen rugs, policed up the cat litter around the downstairs tray, dejunked in the kitchen, rearranged some more boxes, paid some bills, and cooked something extremely yummy so that at whatever time Jeff shows up after his visit I will be able to feed him.  It’s a really nice stir fry, with thinly sliced chicken breast, mushrooms, bean sprouts, carrots, broccoli, green and white onions, garlic, soy sauce and turmeric.  Om Nom Nom.

I also started working on a song called “Stuff”, which is insane (me working on it, not the song).  Must…. stop and get cracking on the real work, not making more for myself.  Also had a long talk on the phone with mater, partly about the well nigh overwhelming anxiety of dealing with the rash of illness and debilitation of senior family members, and partly an interesting discussion about atheism…. you know, ‘that very present help in time of trouble’.

Yet strangely it feels like I did sod all yesterday.  The kitchen looks great though.  It won’t last…

Today I will make bread dough and write down some tunes…..

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