Wonderful dream

I haven’t had a decent dream that I can remember in months, and I just had a splendid one.

I was living in a third storey walk up and got involved in a drug bust.  This is all because Jeff and I blasted through a couple of episodes of Homicide last night.  Man, that was a GREAT show.  The writing, the acting; and John Waters was the bartender in one episode, what more could you want?  Anyway, huge drug bust in one show, tiny drug bust in Allegra’s dream.

I swiped the evidence while my neighbour was being busted so of course they had to let him go (serves the cop right for busting the guy without backup) and then he came looking for me.  I just handed it back to him, so he was somewhat startled (it was only weed; I would hardly have helped the guy if it was something stronger).  My feelings of paranoia and discomfort while waiting for him to get back from the cop shop were NOT pleasant; nor was realizing he’d shaved off his dreads between the time he was busted in the time he got back so he got real close to me without me recognizing him.  Man, hair is a major disguise element.  Dreams are wild, hunh?  Anyway he was all happy and then I woke up.

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