Back home

I made waffles and strawberries for breakfast.

I have a very long list of things to do and zero desire to do any of it.

Kopper and I are off to a show in North Van tonight.  She has a clothing swap at her place today as well, which is very good of her and her housemate… it’s a community building thing.  I need to get rid of some clothes myself now that I’ve brought more into the house, but once again that would involve working.

At some point Jeff and I will step out into this dreadful rain and get some carpet and some computer stuff.  Possibly also some food.

Take a Nap (the last choon).  I put percussion in (basic 2-3 rumba rhythm).

Margot is in her teenaged years now.  She’s being very naughty and a hog for the wrong kind of attention. I’ve been playing with her as much as I can.