Hangin’ out

Catherine and Colin and I have been having a lovely time, eating, drinking, talking, and pounding on drums.  Catherine has a plethora of percussion, all of which is effective and cool.

Last night was an interesting meal.  We had tortillas with shredded chicken (om nom nom) and barbecued plum pie.  The barbecue part was quite inadvertent, and Colin appeared, eyes stark, just as the fire got put out, but all the potentially affected food cooked up very well and had an interesting and not unpleasant flavour (I had it for brekky this morning, and I repeat, om nom nom).

Now Catherine is having a shower, and I will be having one when she gets out, and then we’re going to a Burmese Thai Guyanese fusion restaurant.  Then I pick up a rental car and start driving; I hope to make Madawaska by this evening.  My back, after new shoes and two nights on an exceptionally comfy futon, is singing hosannas.