Off to London.

Registration for the reunion stops at 7:30 pm, so all I have to do is get to London for 6:30 and I should be fine.  I didn’t get hold of Liz and will therefore be spending the night in a hotel, which, as long as it has wireless internet, is fine by me.  Funny to think of not having crash space after all these years… but I’m not bunking in with my elderly ex-mother-in-law; to invite myself at this point to crash with somebody who likes a little more warning than I had the skill to provide would be rude in the extreme.

It will be a long drive.  I imagine I’ll be doing a lot of singing in the car!

I had a lovely, lovely visit with Deb and Jim.  We ate at Lapointe Fish Restaurant; I had pecan pepper tuna and it was the ne plus ultra of om nom nom.