Sundry and various

I have returned to the land of my furball, who trotted to the door as soon as I came in at 11:15 am yesterday. I did laundry and lazed about.

Paul was providentially making a pork roast for the masses and me, Keith, Kate, Tom, Peggy, Jeff and Paul all sat down at a table yesterday and pigged right out.  It was a succulent roast, and in addition to being highly edible, prevented me from having to actually, you know, like, cook on my first day back, although I did do the meat for tacos tonight.

Prior to inviting us over he said on the phone, “You sound really tired; you should take a nap.”

I was laughing as I hung up the phone.  So I wrote a song.  It’s a vaguely Latin sounding thing which is supposed to have mariachi style brass. (Added later…. it’s E B7 which is according to the magical internet – is a simple latin chord progression. )

There are friends

We run to when

We’re looking for advice

And the quality may vary

But the concern is nice

There are friends who give us

A verbal kiss

Others deliver a slap

But I like my friend Paul’s advice

When he says TAKE A NAP

Take a nap, dear

You know that you will feel much better

Have a glass of water first

Maybe put on your favourite sweater

This go go go

This rush rush rush

It’s a capitalist trap

If you want your life back

Prove it:

Take a nap.

I know you can’t hear it, but the mariachi brass is very nice.

Yes, Catherine’s many forays into Mexican and Central American food during my stay left a big mark on my psyche; I’ll be shopping today for ingredaments for the feast this evening.  I detect a trip to Granville Island Market in my future.  I can hardly wait to try my tortilla press.  And there is nothing in the fridge.  No beer, no milk, little veg, no leftovers; I have my work cut out for me.

I’m trying not to drink alcoholic beverages on Wednedays and Sundays; Dave fed me beer on Wednesday so I skipped last night.

I suppose I should talk a little more about my vacation. More:

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