Saturday science links

Neutrophil chases down a bacterium and ingests it… in realtime.

Thought provoking article about human evolution.

Different set of nerves involved in fibromyalgia?

Other fibromyalgia research.

The ISS is nearly complete.

Initial results from the LHC.

How much biodiversity in one cubic foot?  It depends.

If gays don’t breed why is gayness in the gene pool?

Say we for a better marriage.

Lead is the culprit in ADD?

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2 thoughts on “Saturday science links”

  1. Re: the first item – it is a VERY persuasive argument for complex organisms being merely collections of mutually adapted simple organisms. And some of those simple organisms are just taking care of business as they have done since the change from non-life to life happened.

  2. Thanks for posting the Fibromyalgia links. Also thanks for the phone call Friday night. I spent most of Thursday thoroughly depressed and all of Friday sobbing. I apologize for sounding like an alien on the phone when you called. I’ll do better next time. Jim and Spence have both been providing support.

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