The second shift begins

All the domestic stuff I didn’t do this week I gotta do now.  I am not expecting unemployed people to be sympathetic.

Jeff’s off to Victoria to assist pOp in watching the Super Bowl.  He doesn’t actually need help, but what’s a Super Bowl game without somebody watching it with you who can chaff you over your lack of appreciation for what turns out to be a good call…. let the yellow flags fly.

I made an inukshuk out of Margot’s fur.  A week’s worth of fur combed from her expensive carcase makes quite an Olympic themed mass of agony for somebody with fear of cats or cat allergy.

Despite everything, I feel very content, and the new coffee from church (my church deals drugs, hallelujah) is very yummy.  Now to borrow or rent a car to do a whole bunch of stuff I need a vehicle for, once I figure out when I’m supposed to do the crap on the list.

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One thought on “The second shift begins”

  1. Well some domestic stuff can be done by a cleaning company/individual and that’s how I kept up when I was working. This, in addition to Jim, who (as you know) is very handy around the house. You have my full sympathy.

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