Put those Mennonites and Quakers on the rotisserie….

…. this is what I want my mother to knit me for Christmas.   And no, she doesn’t have to, and I’ll be fine if she doesn’t.


Just remember folks, I wrote a song once in which I said, “And my heart’s an 88” and I WAS referring to the forward cannon on a Panzer.  So nobody should be too surprised if I get all gooey over some artillery themed slippers.

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2 thoughts on “Put those Mennonites and Quakers on the rotisserie….”

  1. I would be delighted to knit you a pair of Panzer slippers for Christmas or any other time, but the pattern is for crocheting and I don’t crochet. Regrets. Sad face.

  2. Cazart! You are so accomplished I make assumptions. However, I am sure my life will continue to play out nicely without them.

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