Man, being a parent these days really sucks.  I mean at some point I’d like a grandCHILD, not a grandSNAKE, but if Katie and Kyle want a pet ball python I guess I’m going to have to live with it.  I already went to help get the crib and the bedding.  Hope they aren’t going to ask for help with feedings.


  Fur would be okay. 



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2 thoughts on “Grandsnake”

  1. I have a friend whose daughter had a menagerie and one of its inhabitants was a snake (corn snake I think). He was living in Ottawa while his family was in Trenton. He visited Trenton one weekend and when he came home to Ottawa he received a phone call telling him that the snake had disappeared. He very gingerly opened his luggage and searched it carefully (he was not a fan of snakes). As it turned out, the snake appeared sometime later from under the computer printer in Trenton (it was warm there). Sigh of relief from my friend. — Hope nothing like that happens to you, Allegra!

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