We had a superlative meal at Chong Lum Hin last night – blowout amounts of food for seven people and six  beers came to $115.

And of course Lois was there so we had a lovely schmooze.  Kyle, Keith, Kate and Carly joined me Paul and Lois.  Jeff was asleep.  I think he would have enjoyed it.  There was an extremely funny piece of byplay.  The more I hang out with Kyle the better I like him.  He simply doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, and that, my friends, makes a lovely change.

Church was awesome, although (speaking as a semi-pro) Donatella should have pitched her voice lower and slowed down.  She wasn’t being kind to the deaf people in the congregation.  And Lois came so I got to sit around and drink coffee with her afterwards.  Paul took Carol home, blessings on his shiny silver head.  Rob came up to me and scritched me behind my cat ears (I was wearing the anime hat Keith gave me.)

Today I’m off to Sue’s place for ‘the adventures of further churchy business’ and tonight I’m thinking about finding an open stage and singing.

The Beacon Birthday song (or some end of it…) is substantially complete and I am transcribing it.  There’s a bridgy part that I’m not too clear on as far as the melody.  Three other songs are nipping at me to be written down, but I’ve learned to wait until the tunes are fixed to do that.

Time to pop the last of the cookie dough into the oven so Jeff and I can SCHNACK!  MWAH!

And don’t think I’m not angry about what’s happening in the world.  I am.   But I am also loving what is, including this foul and windy weather.

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