Everything’s up to date in Kansas City

Including using popular image sharing destination URL Pinterest for mugshots.  From the article.

Cops’ experimentation with Pinterest appears, like the service itself, to have grown up outside of the elite cities and high-profile departments like New York and Los Angeles. The Pinterest policing pioneers are lower-profile cities in the middle of the country, places like Kansas City, Mo.–whose police department appears to have been the first on Pinterest–and Pottstown, Penn (pop. 22,377), thirty miles outside Philadelphia.


Happy happy joy joy

Let’s see, what was so nice about yesterday?

I got called by a recruiter for a job.  That, friends, is a shot in the arm!  My updated resume has been fired off and he will get back to me by the end of next week, AOTBE.

Katie and Kyle fed me and Paul and Keith home made lasagna.  Jeff didn’t go cause he has to stay away from cheese, and it was cheesy.  Cheesy and DELISH.  I got to watch the grandsnake Izzy eat a live mouse.  He struck so hard at it he banged his noggin.

Katie gave me back my camera, which has some great pics on it so she tells me…. pics a G’ma might like to see.

The sun shone all day yesterday and looks fair to do the same thing today.

RIP Aaron Swartz.

And here’s a little diagram showing how agriculture leads to war.

Today I have cleaned out my car, which it desperately needed, and been to brekky care of Jeff (wherein we talked about a business idea we like and could do together, although likely not in the lower Mainland), and later I’m going to do some churchy stuff, including going out and getting ingredaments for Tom Ka Guy for SOUP LUNCH.  Because feeding people is important.  Must remember to google where the nearest T and T is, I have a tremendous craving to put fresh galangal in the soup this time.  O SO OM NOM NOMMABLE.

I should probably make a list, but my procrastination is pushing back on me.  Have fun it whispers….  NO DAMN YOU TIME TO FOLD LAUNDRY.  Or watch an episode of Galapagos….  back, back foul fiend Procrastineo!