Ingredaments acquired

Yesterday was a day of cleaning out my car, and the kitchen, acquiring ingredients for spicy soup, and feasting Tom at Tom and Peggy’s.  Poor guy has some kind of lungcrud and was muttering about whether a girdle would work for his rib pains from coughing so OF COURSE I told the family story about how when Grampa got kicked by a horse he repurposed Gramma’s girdle to ease his rib pain.  She even wrote a poem about it.  Good times!

I assisted in the making of cheese sauce and it was lovely to see Lady Miss B and her energetic lad; I’d been up late and Jeff was feeling distinctly poorly and so we ate our lovely roast beast and skedaddled early.  Paul and Keith were also in attendance.

I updated my resume and sent it off to the recruiter.  However I have not stopped sending out resumes, hopeful as I am this lead will pan out.

Ah, soup lunch.  It’s worth it all to see the happy congregants sucking back lovingly prepared food.  I guess I’ll always have that corner of momness in my brain.

Poor Carrie… she’s having a hell of a time moving off Haida Gwaii.  After saying they would, now the Ministry is saying not only won’t they move her she’s going to get any ‘profits’ she makes from the sale of her furniture that she scrimped and saved for deducted from her income.  She’s got disabilities that make packing and hauling a bit problematic.  And gosh, she’ll be making 10 cents on the dollar, if that, for the furniture seeing as how people are leaving Haida Gwaii in droves after the last two big earthquakes and the weeks of aftershocks which followed.  The west coast of Haida Gwaii could get a tsunami anytime.  Jeff and I feel for her and we have room for her for a month, but no room for her furniture even if by some miracle she gets to bring it with her.   And really, she wants to live in Victoria and Juliana has no room due to her tenants, and the parental units have no time or space for stuff or drama.  I looked at my friendslist here in town and I have no suggestions.  Anybody disciplined enough to not have junk overflowing every room is already renting space.  It’s awful to feel so helpless when friends are in need.  I’ve already told her that if she puts her stuff before her safety life may get very very uncomfortable.  I like to think I would not go running back into the house on fire to fetch Otto.  I am more important than my stuff! But I still feel bad, this is something I’d like to fix… if I had any spare cycles.  I’m also very very concerned about other stuff going on in her life which I don’t feel comfy about posting.