Housefilk at my place tonight, festivities commence at 6 pm or maybe even earlier. Mike and Rozo and Tom and Peggy and Cindy and Paul will be coming… Jeff is considering fleeing to the Robzone to avoid the noise.

Still haz a happy about me being the Interfilk Guest of Honor at GAfilk in 2014.  I have a year to prepare a set list… almost long enough eh wot?

On my list today:  reconcile October, enter November, reconcile November, enter December, reconcile December… and then the simple part of the bookkeeping for the year is done!!! w0ot!

Also, I am on tap to pick up Izzy’s luncheon.  I am sorry, widdle mousie, but your role in the great chain of being is already cast.

Have to make a deposit for the soup luncheon. Sigh.  It missed getting to the collection counters last week and it’s almost a hundred bucks so I can’t leave it lying around here.

Carrie has less than two weeks before she gets off Haida Gwaii for good. It’s too bad her ex is phoning her all the time and breaching his conditions, but that’s life I guess.

There are other little bits of news but that’s enough for me right now.  There’s a hungry snake waiting for me.