Conflikt VI is over

I’m home, I had a good time although I slept too much.  CD Woodbury, Blind Lemming Chiffon, the fabulous Tinneys in all incarnations, the Bohnhoffs who were as always entertaining and play to a very high standard indeed, Cindy (((hugs & your stuff got back home okay!))), Creede, Andrew (!?), Gary, Tamsen, Juliana, Douglas, Roberta, Beth, baby Miles, L’il Audrey the terror of the filk wenches (a seven year old girl VOLUNTEERED to be a filk wench and PWNED us as mewling noobs), Harold the soundgod, Jen, Jeri-Lynn & Jeff happy sigh, and Frank of Frank Hayes disease fame, Aislin the bard, many other babes and tots than Miles, Kitt the glorious (her style is classic from her cloche hat to her sensible but pleasing pumps), the row of crafters along the back of the main hall, including a man hooking a rug, Cheshire Moon (the best band of them all for the sound balance voice.violin.strings), and of course Shawna, and especially Autumn, whose signing enriched the stage performances with such joy and fluidity.  All these things come flying through my mind.

I got many compliments on “Grateful” which is no surprise as it is a good song, definitely in the same ballpark as “The Evening News”.  I will definitely perform it at GAFilk if I am spared.

And there was a bawdy filk.  I am always SO happy to wander into those.