Words to live by


Yesterday was completely derailed by a low key Katie thang followed by me coming back home and folding up in a ball.  Yes, I can haz post Conflikt letdown, happens every year, now I am expecting it.  It is time to do things.  I have THIRTY FOUR airs, songs and melodies on my new phone that I haven’t transferred into my lifetime list, so at this point I am way past two hundred and fifty songs.  I still haven’t written words for the Beacon birthday song, and that is starting to be RATHER PRESSING given that I’m supposed to be rehearsing and performing it within the month.  Churchy stuff awaits in bucketloads, may the completely value neutral laws of physics help me.  My room awaits.  Excited talk with Jeff about a business idea awaits.  Putting stuff on eBay awaits.  Finding homes for the instruments I will never play awaits.  Or maybe just plain getting rid of the musical instruments I will never play awaits.  Finding a fricking job so I have some options awaits.

However I have made breakfast and consumed it, and I am going to make myself some tea and take on the day with a little more enthusiasm now that I have some protein on board.  Oh, and I guess I should get dressed?

Saw this and loved it GRRRREAT SOUNDTRACK.

Trying… to summon …. enthusiasm.   GLERK.