So the folks came by to see the shop yesterday and asked me if I’d finance.  I was very polite, but you can just imagine what I was saying on the inside. What I did say:  “Gosh,” I said, “If you can’t come up with 20K you’re going to have cash flow problems right out of the gate.  “And, seeing as how I don’t really know if I’m ever going to be able to hold down a job ever again seeing as how I may have surgery and rehab and who the hell knows, I was kinda hoping to cash out.” The hell of it is they told me their business model and it would be perfect for that location… but I think they’ll buy in North Burnaby.  Oh well.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND the documentary The Flat.  If you are into family history, it’s a must.  Seriously.  It has so many twists and turns it’s like a particularly unbelievable novel.  mOm you’ve been warned, and it comes with subtitles.

I am so lucky to have family that loves me.  I am crabby, in pain, worried out of my mind because I’m not healing well, and Jeff just banged on the door and offered to take me to breakfast.  Coffee and cream here I come! Also, the cats are adorable; Margot has been particularly cute of late, and she’s being very biddable when I have to decruft her.  Hard to believe she’s five, watching her skitter all over the kitchen to chase a kitty treat.

Assange...etc. I love the spit that Sterling gets on things once he starts ranting….

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