Sad day

Kira died yesterday.  She had quit eating and drinking and suffered convulsions.  She is now resting with Bounce and Gizmo and Zeek! her adoptive brother in the back yard.

I have new glasses. They look great.  I’ll be getting another pair next week.

Jeff and I are about to take off to see Pacific Rim.  A full report later.


My car is finally being worked on.

I am feeling very low in spirits – my shoulder hurts a lot and I think it isn’t healing right, although I won’t know until tomorrow.


I am still working on Midnite Moving though.

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One thought on “Sad day”

  1. You have cause to be feeling low: pain, loss of Kira, discouragement about your rate of healing. But the new glasses, Pacific Rim, writing – will I hope nudge the lows upward.

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