Today I have been to the physio, replaced the batteries in the label maker, worked some more on both Midnite and Tarot, confirmed my next doc’s appointment, vacuumed and washed the kitchen floor, and beaten out and washed and dried the kitchen rugs.  This represents a rather larger commitment to physical labour than has been the case lately, so I’m preening.

Physio was awesome.  It hurts like hell but I ALWAYS have more mobility when I come out of there, so I am pleased.

I think I’ll get myself another cup of tea and do some paperwork now.

New show!  We started watching Hell on Wheels, which is starting a third season; I’m quite liking Anson Mount as the lead, and the commentaries on racism, capitalism and the role of women are very interesting.  The only thing that pisses me off are the consistent anachronistic items that pop up in dialog.  I’m having to watch that in George’s dialog – he learned English in the 70’s and so his speech should reflect that. I do like Christopher Heyerdahl as a villain though, he’s damned good at it, (he was Hollin and Todd in SGA) and it’s filmed in Alberta, which is nice, and all the people playing Indians are actually native people.

Showing of the shop yesterday will likely come to nothing, but the gent in question was a stunningly tall and gorgeous Russian man in his late twenties, with a very pleasant accent and lovely manners.  So I was not unhappy to show it.



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